There are numerous fresh water lochs on the Islay Estates in which brown trout can be caught. The best months are May, June and July. The main lochs are Gorm, Skerrols and Finlaggan and these fish well throughout the season. There are good trout in Loch Ardnave, but it is not recommended after July because of weed growth. Loch Ardnahoe is very deep; it fishes better after the end of May and is noted for its very large trout.

Lochs Laingeadail, Drolsay and Leathan are less accessible, but offer an interesting outing for someone walking into the hills and fishing in idyllic scenery.

A bank permit covers all lochs, except Loch Gorm. The Boat hire charge includes your fishing permit. There are boats on Lochs Gorm, Skerrols, Finlaggan, and Ardnahoe.

Brown trout fishing is available from the 15th of March till the 6th of October. River fishing is available from the 25th of February till the 31st of October.

Tickets are available from the Islay Estates Office or call 01496 810221

2021 - 2022 Prices
Season£50 (with Islay address)
Weekly Permit£65
Daily Permit£15
Under 15sHalf advertised price
Boat (per day - including permit)£45
Boat (after 3pm - including permit)£25
Daily Permit (River Laggan)£45
(subject to Laggan Fishery Board catch & release policy)
Islay Estates | Map of Lochs

Islay Estates | Map of Lochs

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