Deer Management on Islay

Islay Estates Company reported a slight increase in the size of its deer herd at the recent Deer Management Group meeting on Islay.  With a total population of 2,032 deer this is up by 19 head on last year.  The deer are  managed by the two keepers, Scott Brown and Alan MacDonald who take guests out onto the hill to select suitable animals for culling.  The age and sex structure is important – we have 716 stags and 965 hinds with 351 calves.  These deer are counted annually and the cull numbers are set based on this data.   In 2013 the average weight of the stags was 15st 1lb and the hinds averaged 96lbs.  If you are interested in booking stalking on Islay Estates, please get in touch with the Estate Office.

Deer have an impact on the environment – affecting trees, soil structures, peat bogs and vegetation.  This habitat is monitored regularly and will have a habitat assessment conducted this year.